Who We Are

We are Registered and Professional Property Valuers in South Africa.

Abroad, Property Valuers are rather known as Property Appraisers, so if you are abroad and you are looking for a Property Appraiser in South Africa, you have come to the right place and Valuetec, a property valuation company, are here to assist you with all your property appraisal requirements.

What We Do

Valuetec Property Valuations provides independent professional property valuations and related advisory services across the broad property spectrum in Southern Africa.
Our qualified and competent team who prepare expert valuation reports of property and plant & machinery, is equipped to:

  • determine the value of real estate assets
  • analyze or execute feasibility studies and
  • provide expert advice on property related matters

Acquiring a property? Congratulations on making the decision to acquire one of the best assets and long term investments. Let us assist you in determining the viability thereof and potentially save you loads of cash.

Disposing of a property? Great, perhaps the asset no longer fits in with your investment strategy due to expansion, or you unfortunately need to do so for cash flow purposes. Let’s make sure your property fetches the correct price at the right time, after all, time is money. In addition, our professional affiliates will be able to provide you with any property broking or auctioneering services you may require.

Best utilization of your property? Perhaps there’s an alternative better use for your property which you have not considered, or perhaps a nip here and a tuck there could generate a better return on your investment.

Where We Do It

  • As Property Appraisers in South Africa, we have offices located in Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town and Garden Route, however we are able to assist with valuation or property advisory services in most areas of South Africa
  • We are also able to assist with valuation or property advisory services in Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola

What Sets Valuetec Apart From The Rest

  • We offer a hands on approach ensuring our clients’ confidentiality is guaranteed and provide individual attention and professional service
  • Unquestionable service quality and attention to detail
  • Impressive professional track record through the provision of accurate information and impartial valuation reports
  • We conduct extensive market research and endeavour to acquire an in-depth understanding of whichever real estate assets our clients are involved in
  • Realistic, fair and competitive fees
  • Professional, reliable and prompt service
  • One point of contact for all your valuation requirements, be it for commercial property, residential property, wine farms or for plant and machinery.
  • We Keep abreast of developments in the professional valuation environment, the property industry, valuation methodologies, technology, legislation and any other trends influencing property buyers and sellers.
  • We provide comprehensive (fully motivated) valuation reports, where the value of the property is substantiated with a full motivation thereof and includes relevant economic conditions.
  • We have Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover underwritten by RisQ Services Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Our Specialties

  • We have formed partnerships with various property professionals specialising in various fields of expertise and formed an efficient project team, so as to provide our clients with a “1 stop service” for all their property related requirements including, property valuations, plant and machinery valuations, town planning & engineering, property transfers & conveyancing and architecture & draughting services.

Apart from specialising in commercial valuations and all the points mentioned above, we are able to:

  • Perform wine farm valuations. These valuations are extremely specialised and require a deep understanding of several elements relating to the farm and vineyards.
  • We are fluent in Portuguese. This helps clients who require valuation or advisory services in Angola or Mozambique as English is not at all commonly understood or spoken in these countries. In addition, we have a network of local experts to assist us with any queries.

Our Vision

We vision ourselves to be the leading specialist Property Valuers in residential and commercial property, as well as in wine farms, in South Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, the respectful client, with professional service that personifies accuracy, reliability and promptness.