Property Renovations

Don’t let renovations be a nightmare and get the better of you.
It’s often said that if you would like to test the strength of your relationship, you should build or renovate a house with your partner. With the divorce rate so high these days, rather let Valuetec take that stress off your shoulders!

Valuetec provides renovation services from tiling, plastering, painting, paving and light building work in Pretoria and Durban. We can also refer our preferred contractors with regards to electrical and plumbing work. Further to that, being professional Property Valuers, we also provide advice as to which renovations and options would add value to your home, as it can after all be a costly affair, should you opt for the incorrect approach.
Our team are all professionals and experts in their particular fields of specialization. Our fees are very competitive, especially taking into account that we ensure quality craftsmanship is provided. It is an option to appoint someone off the street or a “flyby night” company for a cheap fee, but are you prepared for substandard workmanship, or to fit the bill for possibly having to redo work or potentially putting your lives or possessions at risk? If your answer is “no,” contact us to find out how we can provide you with advice, put a plan in place and assist you professionally.