Our Property Valuation Fees in South Africa

  • Our Fees are based on the amount of time spent on a valuation, rather than on a percentage of the value of the property. This is a fair and honest method of costing, as you pay us for what we put in.
  • Our residential and commercial property valuation fees are affordable and we aim to provide the best service possible.
  • You will know up front what our valuation fee will be, as we provide you with a free quotation/proposal, which needs to be accepted by you should you choose to utilise our services.
  • In order to remain competitive, we stay abreast of industry fees to ensure our professional service is offered at a realistic rate.
  • In addition, Valuetec believes in rewarding our loyal repeat clients by offering them preferential rates on services rendered.

Please note that our fees are less than the proposed fees listed by SACPVP below. Please kindly contact us for a competitive quote.

Guideline of Professional Property Valuation Fees in South Africa – South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession