The City of Cape Town General Valuation Roll 2018 is underway.
The revised municipal values will be implemented and effective as from 1 July 2019.

Get your property independently valued by a professional valuation company today, to avoid a potential inflated municipal valuation surprise next year, which means you would potentially be liable to pay an inflated monthly property rates expense.

We can provide you with an initial assessment of your property’s market value today, which is a cost effective alternative and more affordable than a fully motivated valuation report, so that you can readily and informatively compare the current market value of your property against the new “1 July 2018” municipal value of your property when it is available for viewing from February next year.

This will allow you to avoid the objection rush next year and place you in a position to object to a potentially inflated municipal valuation if need be, when the 1 July 2018 Valuation Roll is implemented as from 1 July 2019.

Email us at: for more information, or to request an initial assessment of your property’s current 1 July 2018 market value.