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A Competitive Price + Good Presentation = SOLD

Buyers have the upper hand in the real estate market we are currently experiencing and overpricing your house is one of the worst things you can do. It is of the utmost importance to initially market your property at the correct selling price, as potential purchasers pounce upon desperate sellers who reduce their asking prices at a later stage.

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House-with-Dollar-Sign.jpgPreparing your house for potential purchasers is important. It will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of rands to its value.

You will guarantee yourself a sale and the highest offers, if you can present a vision of a better life and what the potential purchaser wants out of the house. That means you need to present a tidy, well-ordered house filled with light, space & storage.
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MPC Meeting (22 – 24 January 2013)

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In reaching its interest rate decision, the Monetary Policy Committee (“MPC”) considers various factors that influence inflation, for example:
  • changes in administered prices;
  • changes in wages, productivity and unit labour cost;
  • components of domestic and external demand; 
  • exchange rate developments;
  • money supply and credit extension;
  • oil prices; and the expected output gap (the gap between actual and potential output).
The MPC has no level or target for any of these variables and the rate of inflation is the benchmark for monetary policy decisions, which are made by consensus.  

The MPC met last week and decided to keep the repurchase rate (“repo rate”) unchanged at 5% per annum, as announced on the final day of their meeting on 24 January 2013.

Below is a brief summary of a few of the findings regarding economic developments, as per statement of the MPC, substantiating their reasoning to keep the repo rate unchanged. 
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