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City of Cape Town – Check the Municipal Value of your Property Now!

Regarding our previous article, the 2015 General Municipal Valuation Roll is now open for inspection and the objection process will run from today, 19 February until 29 April 2016.

Log on to the City of Cape Town’s website, in order to view the revised value of your property:

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Durban is fast emerging as on one of South Africa’s premium investments locations. The Durban Tourism and the Durban Investment Promotion team are working together with major business to position it as an attractive investment location for national and international corporations, which so far include Samsung Electronics, Toyota, Unilever and many others.

Durban is South Africa’s second largest metropolitan in terms of population and is ranked in the top 20 fastest growing cities in Africa, above Cape Town and Johannesburg.  It has the highest number of dollar millionaires added per year of any South African city with the number rising 200% between 2000 and 2014 and in May 2015, it was officially recognized as one of the New7Wonders Cities.

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When you think of Stellenbosch, the first thing that comes to mind is wine or wine farms, secondly, are students. Stellenbosch accommodates one of the largest Universities in the country, and many young school graduates flock to this town to commence their tertiary education journey.

Let’s take a moment to understand and appreciate the gem, which is Stellenbosch. Situated roughly 50km east of Cape Town’s metropolitan area in the Cape winelands, it is the second oldest European settlement in the province. The town has become known as the City of Oaks due to the many oak trees that were planted by the town’s founder, Simon van der Stel. Van der Stel, who was the Governor of the Cape Colony at the time, founded Stellenbosch in 1679 and named it after himself. 

Huguenot refugees settled in Stellenbosch during 1690, planting grapes in the area’s fertile valleys. Not long after this, wine production began and Stellenbosch soon became the centre of the South African wine industry.

While the first school was opened in the area in 1683, it was in 1859 when the first seminary for the Dutch Reformed Church opened, that more focus was placed on education. Rhenish Girls’ High School was established in 1860 and is now the oldest school for girls in the country.

Victoria College was the first of the higher learning institutions to be established in the area during 1874, with the University of Stellenbosch (“Maties”) following in 1918. Today the university caters to over 30 000 students.

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With current trends in the Cape Town residential property market, one can almost consider it to be isolated from South Africa, which is experiencing various economic and political pressures, as demand for homes in the Western Cape Province is still high.

Rising costs, interest rate and tax hikes caused a slowdown of the South African economy in 2015, thereby having a negative effect on residential sales volumes, however, the Cape market still performed well in contrast.

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Have your property independently valued

The 2016 General Valuation Roll, conducted by the City of Cape Town, is nearing completion and will be implemented as from 1 July 2016. The purpose of the valuation roll is to assess municipal valuations of all immovable property types, including residential, commercial, industrial and specialised properties, and such municipal valuations will be utilised to calculate property rates on your property for the next 4 years.

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Farm valuations are complex and there are many factors which need to be taken into account. The valuation of wine farms or vineyards is no different and one cannot simply apply a comparable sales rate per hectare to the extent of the farm to calculate the value of such. It is necessary for a well-informed property Valuer with experience in the agricultural industry to undertake such exercise, as such understanding is imperative over and above the knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial valuations, which the wine farm may include additional elements of.

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Admin/PA position available at Valuetec: 
Job based in Queenswood, Pretoria.

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Here's a little video giving you a closer look at Valuetec....

What we are about, who we are and the services which we offer 

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Happy Mother's Day

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